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Clinically sown to help healthy individuals support cognitive function, memory and focus*

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Clinically demonstrated to

Improve Memory

Increase Focus

Enhance Cognition

Lift Mental Performance*

Patented nootropic dietary supplement that supports and promotes cognitive function and mental performance, improves memory, and enhances focus and clarity*

Optimal Brain Power

PS is the only natural dietary supplement with qualified FDA health claims for cognitive function.

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The Natural Choice for Brain Health Support

Lipogen Ingredients

When combined, these nutrients have shown to improve memory, increase focus, enhance cognition and lift mental performance [2]

PS Phosphatidylserin

  • A major acidic phospholipid found in high concentration in human membranes and essential to brain and nerve cells functioning [1]
  • Clinical studies demonstrated that daily supplementation supports cognitive functions including memory, ability to learn and recall information, and the ability to focus attention and concentrate [1]
  • The only dietary ingredient with two FDA qualified health claims supporting cognitive function [2]

PA Phosphatidic Adic

  • Key component of the phospholipid compounds that are integral to cell membranes [3,4]
  • Plays important role in cell signaling, membrane curvature, and metabolic regulation in all organisms [3,4]
  • Recent studies identified that daily supplementation may stimulate increases in muscle size, lean body mass, and strength [5]

Keep your brain healthy and fit.

Get your brain memory nutrition supplement now!

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Clinical Trials

Lipogen’s PS Plus™ unique blend of Phosphatidylserine (PS) enriched with Phosphatidic Acid (PA) carried in MCT oil has shown in clinical studies to help improve cognitive functions – specifically memory retention and mental concentration*. No other dietary supplement ingredient but PS holds FDA qualified health claims for supporting cognitive function.

Daily supplementation of Lipogen PS Plus™ has clinically demonstrated positive influence on memory, focus, mood and cognition.

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Keep your brain healthy and fit.

Get your brain memory nutrition supplement now!

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